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Introducing REALTREE Timber

Carved from the Delta

timber camo realtree

A Revolutionary New Waterfowl Pattern

We took notes. We asked questions. We tested and tested again until we were sure we had something truly special. Built off the foundations of past Realtree camouflage patterns we took advantage of new advances in technology and printing allows us to create a revolutionary new wildfowl pattern that is truly Carved from the Delta: Realtree Timber™. Our most effective and lifelike camo pattern for flooded timber, it’s time to Own the Flyway.

See Camouflage in Action

When it comes to dedication, heritage and tradition no other outdoor pursuit comes close to wildfowl hunting. So, when we decided to create our next camouflage pattern Bill Jordan and our design team met with some of the most legendary wildfowl hunters, hometown legends, industry icons, and world-class guides to understand their vision for what makes an effective wildfowl pattern.