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Deer Skinning, Preparation and Inspection Masterclass

Posted on: 31st Oct 19 at 12:00 pm by Realtree Global

Previously, on Realtree Global, Steve Wild headed out into the UK countryside on a fallow buck hunt in order to keep his deer numbers under control.

After a successful evening stalk to protect a local farmer’s barley fields, Derbyshire-based deer manager Steve Wild is back at his larder with two fallow carcases. Here he shows us how to prepare the deer ready for hanging in the chiller by finishing the gralloch he started in the field.

In this informative step-by-step video, he shares his tips and tricks as well as knife skills to make this fiddly job easier and less daunting.

As well as skinning, trained master butcher Steve demonstrates how to remove the lower legs, saw the brisket in half, remove the pizzle and tail. It is imperative that the carcass is kept clean at all times so Steve shows us how to adhere to best practise by keeping hands and utensils clean.

Furthermore, Steve also discusses the crucial step of inspecting vital organs for disease, from the kidneys and lungs to liver and glands – learn what tell tale signs to look out for. See how the young fallow buck carcass is expertly turned into delicious looking game meat ready for butchering.