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Deerhunter’s High-Performance Realtree Clothing For Modern Outdoorswomen

Posted on: 16th May 19 at 3:31 pm by Realtree Global

Deerhunter Introduce The Lady Christine Collection in Realtree ADAPT For Spring 2019.

The Lady Christine is the first high-performance, all-purpose outfit that meets the requirements of dedicated outdoorswomen.

The collection represents a huge milestone for Deerhunter who have traditionally produced quality men’s hunting clothing. Deerhunter has always been synonymous with quality, cutting edge performance and innovation. The new women’s collection offers unmatched adaptability when worn as a system. The Jacket and trousers boast Deer-X-Dura reinforcement offering added stretch in exposed places and a five-year warranty on manufacturing defects in the Deer-Tex® Membrane.

Deerhunter women's cllection in Realtree

Deerhunter’s function-first approach to design prioritises performance above all else. The Lady Christine collection is a series of products that will keep wearers dry and protected from the elements whilst allowing the body to breathe. Every decision – from the pocket placement to the trim – is based on an understanding that females need clothing to be comfortable and ready for any adventure.

The Lady Christine collection in Realtree ADAPT camouflage allows the wearer to completely adapt to their surroundings. ADAPT works in any field or forest setting, whether hunting from the ground or from a high seat, wooded area or mountainous terrain. ADAPT offers lifelike colour reproduction, unmatched definition, exceptional contrast and excellent 3D effects. It’s an ideal Deer hunting camouflage with more green elements than any other camo.

Step boldly into nature’s most unpredictable season with Deerhunter’s Lady Christine Collection.