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Driven Wild Boar Hunting in Germany

Posted on: 19th Dec 19 at 1:16 pm by Realtree Global

Realtree Pro, Steve Wild travels to Germany on the hunt for wild boar.

For this Realtree hunting adventure, Realtree Pro, Steve Wild has been invited by Frederic Hanner of Blaser to hunt wild boar in Germany.

Adrenaline-charged and super thrilling, driven wild boar is an effective way of culling large numbers to keep the population in check. All wild boar (except leading sows), foxes and racoons are available to cull in the 550-hectare area, so Steve’s excitement is growing as he makes the final adjustments to his Blaser R8 Professional in .308 topped with a Hawke Frontier 1-6×24 riflescope.

Steve’s high seat provides the ideal vantage point, with a wide open ride to his left and plenty of opportunity to see boar through the trees. Dressed in Deerhunter’s highly insulated Winter Muflon collection in Realtree Max-5 camouflage, he is perfectly concealed against the wintry beech woodland. With the beaters’ voices reverberating around the eery woodland, everyone is on red alert, watching for signs of movement.

A sounder can appear as if from nowhere. With senses heightened, the challenge is to select the right animals according to the management plan and kill them cleanly – ideally with just one shot. His first sighting of the day is two hulking dark shapes moving at pace through the dense bramble cover. They escape, but others are not so lucky.

Steve proves his marksmanship skills by cleanly culling five boar including one keiler, making it his most successful drive ever. At 2pm, the shooting stops and the culled boar are laid out in the tableau for everyone to pay their respects. Steve’s beaming face reveals just how much he has enjoyed his day!