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Effective High Seat Placement

Posted on: 8th Aug 19 at 12:00 pm by Realtree Global

Realtree Global Pro Ian Harford takes you through some of his effective high seat placement techniques for effective deer management.  From ground blinds, ladder stands and elevated box stands, as well as feed bins, trail camera location and deer trails are all covered in this episode. After all, effective deer management produces bigger deer and happy landowners.

High Seat Placement Video:

For sure, it is very exciting to travel far away to exotic destinations on the trail of magnificent trophy animals. But there is something very rewarding about managing your own deer concession. It’s all about getting the balance right between establishing a strong and healthy herd of deer, whilst protecting the forestry and farming interests of the landowner.

Ian’s deer concession is home to a strong population of muntjac deer and a few roe deer. The dense woodland makes stalking muntjac during the summer a very challenging prospect. Muntjac are very small deer and travel beneath the canopy of the undergrowth.