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Fallow Deer Stalking

Posted on: 20th Sep 19 at 1:00 pm by Realtree Global

Join Realtree Global Pro, Steve Wild Fallow deer stalking on his local concession in beautiful Staffordshire, UK.

On this episode of Realtree Global, Steve Wild in the Staffordshire countryside who is out for a late summer fallow buck cull to prevent damage to a local farmer’s crops.

Steve’s Deer Stalking Equipment

Steve talks through his go-to kit – everything from Hawke Frontier 5-30×50 riflescope, Blaser R8 Professional Success rifle in .308, Hornady SST 150gr ammunition and Deerhunter Realtree camouflage clothing.

Using Knowlege and Fieldcraft

Stalking woodland edge and fields of barley, Steve stealthily hunts to find a buck that fits in with the estate’s cull plan. Steve constantly checks the wind direction to make sure he is not detected by the deer.

The first three bucks that he comes across are a little too good for the estate’s cull plan and not quite what they are looking for tonight. Steve moves on, and finally strikes lucky.

Fallow buck deer stalking

Shooting standing from sticks, Steve readies his rifle and squeezes the trigger taking the first buck as it stands in a big batchelor group in the middle of a field of standing crop. He then stealthily moves down the field to retrieve the buck and the chance to take another materialises.

A perfect result for Steve, with both bucks, a young pricket and a sorrel, fitting in with the cull plan for the estate.

A productive and satisfying evening’s stalk, Steve then grallochs both fallow buck deer at the edge of the field, before driving them back to the chiller.