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Fox Patrol During Lambing Season With Steve Wild

Posted on: 25th Jul 19 at 10:57 am by Realtree Global

With the lambing season in full swing, Realtree Global follows Steve Wild heads out to keep the fox population in check. Keeping the Fox population under control is vitally important to managing any land. If left unchecked they can have a devastating effect to not just lambs, but all kinds of livestock and poultry.

Steve uses the quad to cover more ground in a short space of time than I would do on foot. It doesn’t disturb the sheep, but does help me control the foxes. Intimately familiar with the ground, Steve heads to a nearby field where he knows there’s been some recent fox activity.

The Helium XP50 is the perfect tool to spot any warm-blooded species. The device allows Steve to both spot and then identify foxes that may be lurking in the edge of the tree-line.

Unfortunately, Nothing appears and he moves onto the next field. Steve sets up the Icotec fox caller to draw in any foxes that may be close by. The large speaker projects sound over long distances making it a fantastic tool to attract foxes. Together with the Helion XP50 thermal imager, they make the perfect Fox hunting tool.

Steve spots what I think is a fox just over the brow of this hill. He readies his Blaser R8 Professional and uses the night vision scope to ensure it is a fox. Unfortunately the fox retreats back into the tree line and behind a herd of grazing deer. I head back to the quad and move onto another field.

Steve finally spots what he has been looking for. A fox sat under a tree approximately 100 yards away. Again, he prepares his rifle and readies himself but notice there are sheep in the field behind. Without a safe backstop he can’t take a safe shot.

Turning on the caller once again, Steve hopes to draw in the ever-elusive fox. Continuing to use the thermal, Steve spots yet another fox in the distance who has taken an interest in the caller. This time, Steve takes his rifle and shooting sticks and begins to stalk up the side of the field; using the bushes as cover. Steve stalks closer, but the only animal he can see is a rabbit.

Almost defeated, Steve heads back down to the quad. It’s then when he spots another fox running away from him. Steve quickly gets set up on his rifle and tries to get the fox to stop with a mouth call. It doesn’t stop and another fox gets away. This is becoming a little frustrating for Steve.

Steve decides to try one last field with the hope of getting a fox down. Soon enough, Steve quickly spots a fox sat on a log just in the tree line. This time he slowly and purposely readies his rifle. He doesn’t let this opportunity slip away.