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Good training is the foundation of a representative hunter.

Posted on: 29th Aug 18 at 1:31 pm by Realtree Global

In 2004, Jean Gallopin founded the FWCA, Walloon Federation of bow hunters, and he chaired this federation for more than 12 years, with some friends, they decided to invest their time and energy for the promotion of bow hunting in their country, training was lacking! They had to react quickly and set up quality training.

Take an insight into the story of Jean Gallopin and his ambition to establish a training programme for aspiring bow hunters in his native Belgium.

To this day, Jean is no longer president, he is young retired since the arcade hunting is allowed in the Walloon Region,  he is still busy training young hunters.

The FWCA has chosen to give a training principle of its own, this training is based on the IBEP program (International Bow Hunter Education Program) distributed in Europe and around the world by the NBEF foundation created in the USA.

This training is adapted to the country and the challenge occupied by bow hunting in Europe. It has value added quality with our own experiences based on many years of practice.

Years of international collaboration, hundreds of hours of investment and passion have produced serious documents based on grassroots experience of passionate and responsible hunters.

The course offered in Belgium has been adapted and translated into two languages for the country, in French for Wallonia and in Flemish for Flanders. Like every country that is part of EBF (European Archery Federation), we have chosen to provide our own training system in accordance with the requirements and modalities of the Walloon Region.

The FWCA has licensed instructors to deliver the International Archery Training Program.

In Belgium, I was a pioneer in the training system, with some friends, founder of the Walloon Federation of bow hunters, so we were trained by a Master Instructor 10 years ago already!

The FWCA has chosen to promote this training principle which has proved its effectiveness. We emphasize the quality and pedagogy to convey a message, we assume that a well-trained hunter has a better chance of success, can act accordingly for various situations.

The program offered in Belgium is comprehensive and provided with a surplus of personal experience from each instructor who has had hunting experiences.

The goal of this program is to promote bowhunting through the training of responsible hunters and is a valuable source of information for anyone wishing to hunt with a bow.

The training provided by the FWCA respects IBEP’s philosophy and is completely adapted to the country in force, a solid and recognized training base is thus provided with the needs and personal adaptation of the country in which we aim to train archers officials. Respect for game begins with good training.

A complete training session takes place over a weekend and includes:

A theoretical/practical part and security.

The Theoretical part is composed of several chapters such as:

1) Chapter 1 – Introduction to Bow Hunting

2) Chapter 2 – Conservation of Wildlife

3) Chapter 3 – Bow Hunting: Responsibility & Safety

4) Chapter 4 – Bows and Hunting Arrows

5) Chapter 5 – Preparations before Hunting

6) Chapter 6 – Techniques and Processes of Arc Hunting

7) Chapter 7 – Shooting, Searching and Transporting Game

8) Chapter 8 – Preparations for Outdoor Living.

The chapters are made alive by concrete explanations and cases of real situations so that the trainee can understand the importance of some points.

For the exam aspect, we have two test :

  • A theoretical test (multiple choice questions)
  • A practical test with consistent and defined hunting equipment. (Hunting bow and hunting blades)

The practical test does not have an eliminatory goal, but a goal of awareness, the examination in case of failure can be ironed after correcting the problem or problems.

The conditions of success are 6 shots at an unknown distance of 8 to 25m and a minimum of 5 successful shots.

Participants in the shooting event must bring their own equipment: a hunting bow and hunting arrows equipped with hunting blades (mechanical training blades accepted).

The training is also accessible to people wishing to learn this mode of hunting to discover its practice before investing in the purchase of equipment, it allows among other to discover the bow and set-up adapted to the archer, without spending money making double purchases. The trainee who does not have his hunting equipment will have to specify it as soon as it is registered, he will then be supported by instructors for a specific initiation during the course of the practical test, the material used for his initiation will be that of the FWCA.