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The Self-Guided Hunting in Alaska Adventure Begins

Posted on: 21st Nov 18 at 1:51 pm by Realtree Global

Ian Harford and Steve Wild return to the magnificent Alaskan wilderness following their successful Hunting in Alaska film series last year. Over two weeks the two hunters and friends self-guide, hunt and survive deep within the Alaskan wilderness. In a bid for a successful Caribou and moose hunt, the story that follows is as remarkable as the landscape. Ian and Steve’s journey into the wilderness begins by plane before the arduous task of setting up camp.

Realtree Pro Ian and Steve begin their journey into the wild around 110 miles north of Anchorage. An entire year’s meticulous planning and preparation has finally led them to the start of their epic journey. Every item of equipment has been carefully chosen for its specific purpose and to keep our equipment weight to the bare minimum – there’s simply no space for superfluous equipment.

Ian Harford Flying into the Alaskan wilderness

After flying into what will be their home for the next few weeks by their bush pilot Cole Hawkins of Hawk Air Alaska, Ian and Steve begin their first task of setting up camp and building shelter. They are greeted by clear skies and bright sunshine, however, the weather in Alaska is very changeable, what could be warm and sunny one moment could soon turn into dense fog and thick clouds.

Alaskan Wilderness

With camp finally set up, Ian and Steve head up onto the ridge and take their first look at the topography they’ll be hunting. The beautiful afternoon sunshine belies the very hostile nature of this environment. Here they must keep their wits about them and prepare for the worst that Mother Nature can throw. It’s a surreal experience for Ian and Steve to finally be here back in Alaska and focus is now very much on the challenge ahead.

glassing the Alaskan Wilderness

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