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Ian Harford’s 13 Quotes to help you become a better hunter.

Posted on: 29th Aug 18 at 1:35 pm by Realtree Global


1 – All of the preparation, all of the effort, all of the sacrifice – it is all worth it.

2 – Learn new skills from everyone you meet. 

3 – Hunters are the same world over, its just the environment, game species and techniques that differ.

4 – Good friends, great sport with respect and thanksgiving for the fallen game. For me, this is what #hunting is all about.

5 – There’s so much choice out there when it comes to good equipment, but you just know when you’ve found what’s right for you…

6 – Patience, technique and practice are essential preparations for a hunter.

7 – Sharing the success of another is more rewarding than making the shots yourself.

8 – Sometimes you’ve just got to get out there and see what you can find.

9 – Life is meant for good friends and great adventures. 

10 – From a selfish perspective it’s great fun and highly rewarding to pass on some of the knowledge I’ve gathered over the years, but it’s also how our field sports and way of life will survive and ultimately prosper.

11- All of the hard work, dedication and sacrifice culminates in this single opportunity of a lifetime.., 

12- You don’t need expensive, high end gear for wilderness hunting – use what you know, trust and can rely on when the going gets tough.

13- There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear.