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In Pictures: Top 10 Hunting in Alaska Moments

Posted on: 29th Aug 18 at 1:31 pm by Realtree Global

The Best Images from Ian Harford and Steve Wild’s epic Alaska hunting adventure.

Throughout January and March 2018 Realtree Pro Ian Harford and Steve Wild filmed a 13 part behind-the-behind-the-scenes following their epic hunting in Alaska adventure.

From long range shooting practice in the UK, to close encounters of a Grizzly kind, life-threating storms and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Here are just a number of amazing images from their Alaska hunting adventure.

The vast wilderness of Alaska.

The wilderness of Alaska

After months of preparation and training, the team finally flew across the globe and descended into what would be their camp for the first two weeks. The landscape is dramatic and stunningly beautiful, but this belies the danger that of this hostile wilderness environment.

Setting up camp.

setting up camp in Alaska

In Alaska when you arrive in camp you cannot hunt on the first day. So the team had time to get camp set up ready for their adventure the following day. The reality is if the weather comes in, you cannot spot game as the mountains get fogged up then it’s a waiting game waiting for the cloud cover to clear.

Always set yourself up for success.

set yourself up for success

Saving precious time and energy by carefully planning their stalk. Ian Harford and Steve Wild would spend hours glassing their hunting area from afar.

Caribou country.

hunting caribou in alaska

All of the preparation, all of the effort, all of the sacrifice – it was all worth it as Ian and Steve look longingly at their magnificent Caribou following a treacherous stalk into the animal.

It’s not just about the place, but also the people you’re with.

Ian Harford and Steve Wild

Ian Harford and Steve Wild prepare their equipment for a final stalk. The must have 100% trust and confidence in each others abilities and knowledge. You don’t need expensive, high end gear for wilderness hunting – use what you know, trust and can rely on when the going gets tough

Early morning glassing.

Glassing with Hawke binos

Ian Harford takes advantage of the brighter conditions and glasses the Alaskan wilderness once more for signs of game. The recent Alaska wilderness adventure changed Ian’s perspective on hunting and what he hopes to achieve from his experiences.

The Alaskan bull moose pack out.

Ian Harford with his moose rack

It’s not just the weight of the load that provides the challenge when packing out a giant Alaskan Bull Moose. Balancing on slippery rocks and roots, plus the weight of water in the streams all add to the experience… this is what hunting in Alaska is all about. The sheer effort it takes to maneuver the rack through this twisted maze of streams and branches illustrates just how powerful a beast the moose really is.

A dream come true

Ian Harford and Steve Wild in Realtree Max-5

“The hunting adventures I’ve shared with Steve Wild over the years are amongst my favourites and definitely the most memorable. I can’t think of anyone else I’d prefer to share a tent with!” – Ian Harford.

Reward for the determination and sacrifice put into the hunt.
Ian Harford's caribou antlers

Whilst it was undoubtedly going to be a tough day, every sinew of usable meat must be harvested. Ian and Steve both enjoy packing out as much as they do the hunting.

All good things must come to an end.

alaskan wilderness flight

As Ian and Steve take off for their final trip back to civilisation Ian takes time to overlook the magnificent landscape that has been their home throughout their hunting trip. As they fly out of the Alaska range and close to town the vast mountains are replaced with lush green lowland forests that roll on for as far as the eyes can see.

They both challenged themselves and worked together to achieve things nobody thought was possible. They are humbled by the sheer vastness of the wilderness and have come to realise how small a part we all play in natures grand scheme.

As Friends and hunting companions, Steve and Ian have shared these experiences and built bonds that will never be broken. They have both left parts of themselves in these mountains and they will always have a connection with this magnificent country.

Return to the wilderness – Ian Harford and Steve Wild take on the challenge of their lives – self-guided hunting in Alsaka. Stay tuned for the series!