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Realtree adds ‘Xtra Factor’ to Spika’s Vertex jacket

Posted on: 18th Oct 19 at 2:47 pm by Realtree Global

Realtree gives Spika’s new Vertex jacket an added boost thanks to our versatile Realtree Xtra® pattern.

When Australian brand Spika designed its latest jacket – the Vertex – for hunters around the world, it was a logical step to use Realtree Xtra® for its camouflage material to help wearers blend into their environment.

The pattern uses natural surrounding elements such as tree trunks, limbs and various leaves, arranging these over large open areas then layering these elements at different depths to create a lifelike 3D effect.

Spika Vertex Jacket in Realtree Xtra

Key to its effectiveness is the blend of leaves from all seasons, ensuring that Realtree Xtra® works year-round in a wide variety of habitats, keeping you concealed from any quarry.

The Vertex jacket heads up the Spika range as its most technical garment yet, thanks to its soft and quiet exterior and waterproof interior, which uses the brand’s Hydroshield membrane technology, keeping the wearer dry in the most extreme conditions.

This membrane is completely weather resistant. Being 100 per cent waterproof, no moisture can penetrate the garment in harsh winter conditions. It is also 100 per cent windproof to protect the body against chilling, yet remains breathable by channelling perspiration out as water vapour through its microscopic fibres, allowing the skin to breathe.

Spika Vertex Jacket

The jacket’s outer has been given a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) treatment to ensure that water runs off the surface while a waterproof zip maintains the total integrity of the clothing, whatever the weather.

Other features include zipped underarm breathing vents to keep you comfortable all-day long, an elastic adjustable waistband, a secure chest pocket, two hand warmer pockets and two secure front pockets to keep everything you carry within reach.

Spika Realtree Jacket

Dean Anderson for Spika said: “Spika has designed our camouflage products with Realtree Xtra® as it’s one of the most versatile patterns worldwide.

“Many species – deer for example – lack colour receptors so their vision is made up of dull blues, yellows and shades of grey. Their vision is also blurred to 20/40 compared to a human’s 20/20 vision. What Realtree does is identify these differences in the animal’s vision and uses it to the hunter’s advantage.”

Spika Vertex Realtree Jacket

Nolen Sweet, Sourcing Manager for Realtree added: “We’re excited to see the performance of the new collection from Spika. At Realtree we’re constantly working with our convertors on the development of textile performance and the way in which we apply Realtree patterns to textiles to keep our licensed partners ahead of the curve when it comes to outdoor performance. There is a lot of testing behind the design and development of our patterns and we’re proud when we see them being used to their full potential, such as on the New Vertex jacket from Spika.”