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Realtree AP Blaze – Stand out and Stay Safe.

Posted on: 29th Aug 18 at 1:34 pm by Realtree Global

The Essential Camouflage Pattern For Hunting in Europe.

Hunting laws throughout some Europe countries state that fluorescent colour must be visible throughout a hunt. Whether that’s hunting from a high seat, during a driven wild boar hunt or even stalking deer. 

Realtree AP Blaze – Distinguishes and blends.

Realtree AP Blaze orange camo offers the perfect combination of colour and camouflage. It’s the ideal for hunters who require orange camo for deer and wild boar hunting throughout Europe. The blaze orange camo effectively reveals hunters to other humans, while concealing them from the colour-blind eyes of deer.

So which Realtree partners offer products Realtree AP Blaze?

Swedish hunting apparel specialist Pinewood AB offers a number of products to hunters that feature Realtree AP Blaze camouflage. Their latest collection, the Pinewood Wolf Lite series in Realtree AP Blaze has certainly been designed to enhance their product offerings. One important area at the moment for Pinewood is developing environmentally friendly materials and products without sacrificing the performance of the product and the Wolf Lite hunting suit certainly does that.

Lucas in Pinewood Realtree AP Blaze

Pinewood’s dedication to providing innovative and technical clothing to hunters who require it for hunting throughout Europe extends to accessories with the Pinewood headscarf in Realtree AP Blaze.

Recently, Realtree Pro and Pinewood ambassador Lucas Micallef went to Hungary to hunt wild boar. Testing out a Pinewood collection:

“Standing still at the peg for 4 hours, at that moist ambient, with interval showers and a temperature of 2 degrees Celsius, for sure one needs correct clothing. Pinewood just did not let me down, I just kept comfortable and dry during the drive.”

Spika’s Equip Anorak in Realtree AP Blaze.

Another technical apparel creator and Realtree partners, Spika is a clothing company that specialises in producing functional, high-quality garments for the outdoors.

Spika Equip Anorak in Realtree AP Blaze

Now available as part of Spika’s extensive range of clothing, the Equip Anorak wind block anorak boasts an abundance of features to protect you during challenging conditions. Designed with the true hunter in mind, the Equip Anorak embossed in Realtree AP Blaze, which blends you into the background all year round while remaining visible to fellow outdoorsmen and women. Its unique fabric insulates heat but still remains breathable making it a versatile hunting garment in the thick of winter.

Vorn Lynx Backpack in Realtree AP Blaze

In addition to Pinewood, Leading Norwegian backpack manufacturer Vorn Equipment have recently designed their Lynx backpack in Realtree AP Blaze. This backpack features the unique Quick Rifle Release (QRR) system, which provides the carrier with quick and easy access to their shotgun or rifle.

Vorn Lynx Backpack in Realtree AP BLaze

So wherever you’re hunting, whatever you’re hunting for, stay safe and make Realtree AP Blaze your staple hunting gear.