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Realtree at IWA Outdoor Classics 2019

Posted on: 15th Mar 19 at 5:14 pm by Realtree Global

The IWA Outdoor Classics in Nuremberg, Germany is Europe’s leading international trade event when it comes to showcasing high-quality guns, outdoor products and equipment for shooting sports. Here’s a roundup of the 2019 show in Nuremberg, Germany.

IWA is an important trade event for the Realtree family as it provides a great opportunity to connect with some of the world’s most prestigious brands. Big names such as Deerhunter, Pinewood, Wildness, Vorn equipment, Spika and and Niggeloh all showed off their exciting new products created in Realtree.

New Realtree Timber took centre stage. Being showcased this year is Realtree’s new and exciting Timber pattern. Earlier in the year, Realtree announced the creation of Timber™ a new pattern that goes above and beyond the expectations of even the most serious wildfowler. Aptly named, the new pattern exemplifies Realtree’s track record of combining cutting-edge technology with first hand knowledge of what hunters need. Timber™ represents authenticity, both in its design and message. Its marketing tagline is direct, leaving no question that this is a serious pattern for the most serious of hunters.

IWA 2019

The Realtree Booth.

As always, the IWA show provides the perfect venue for bringing some of the top names in hunting and outdoor pursuits together again.

Realtree Stand at IWA 2019

Realtree Timber.

Passers-by were often captivated by Realtree Timber™. Built off the foundations of past Realtree camouflage patterns and combined with advances in technology and printing, the result is an entirely new camouflage concept that uses an erratic design for increased effectiveness. Timber™ features deep, dark cut outs that add three-dimensional depth to blend in and confuse gamebirds’ vision. Darker tones and strategically placed highlights create excellent contrast and shadow effects.

New Realtree Timber at IWA

Realtree EDGE™

The first camo pattern that allows you to blend into your hunting environment at close range, with natural elements arranged in a way to disrupt the human form at a distance.

Realtree EDGE at IWA

Graphics and displays of Realtree Timber, EDGE, Max-5, Fishing and more could be found throughout the booth during the 2019 IWA Show.

Realtree Max5 at IWA

A place for entertainment, relaxation and innovation.

Realtree team members, friends and partners had a comfortable place to chat, catch up and innovate with one another.

Realtree Lifestyle

Showing Realtree’s true colours!

For companies that like to take their own path and want to really make a statement. Realtree Xtra colours camouflage offers plenty of options and goes great everywhere – from the game, the beach, the campfire and even around town.

Realtree Xtra Colours

The Iconic Realtree Logo.

The Realtree antler logo was brandished throughout the Realtree IWA booth, so there was no mistaking who’s booth you’re in.

Realtree Antler logo

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