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Realtree Timber – The Ultimate Camo For Wildfowling

Posted on: 24th Oct 19 at 12:00 pm by Realtree Global

Those who take on the challenge of luring seasoned birds that have heard every type of call and seen every type of decoy spread are a remarkably dedicated bunch. As such, they demand the best performance from all of their gear.

To fulfill those demands, Realtree is a camo pattern that goes above and beyond the expectations of even the most serious wildfowler. Aptly named, the new pattern exemplifies Realtree’s track record of combining cutting-edge technology with first hand knowledge of what hunters need.

Realtree Timber camo pattern

Timber™ represents authenticity, both in its design and message. Its marketing tagline is direct, leaving no question that this is a serious pattern for the most serious of hunters: Carved from the Delta. Secondary messaging includes the follow-up phrase, So You Can Own the Flyway.

Creating a lifelike niche pattern that resonates with veteran duck hunters means getting it right the first time. To that end, Realtree founder Bill Jordan and his design team met with legendary wildfowlers and world-class guides to understand their vision for making an effective wildfowl pattern.

Timber™ is built off the foundations of past Realtree camo patterns and then combined with advances in technology and printing. The result is an entirely new camouflage concept that uses an erratic design for increased effectiveness. Timber™ features deep, dark cut-outs that add three-dimensional depth to blend in and confuse gamebirds’ vision. Darker tones and strategically placed highlights create excellent contrast and shadow effects.

Realtree Timber camo

Anyone who has experienced the thrill of wildfowling can’t help but be drawn to this remarkable pattern, which is instantly recognisable as the answer to perfect concealment.

Realtree revolutionised the way that camo patterns are applied to a wide variety of substrates. This is a key reason why Realtree patterns today are found on more than 30,000 products offered by 2,000 licensees. Each year more than $4 billion is spent worldwide on products that wear Realtree camo.

Quality and consistency, the hallmarks of all Realtree patterns, ensure that Timber™ replicates perfectly on both hard goods and clothing. Combined with Realtree’s first-class marketing support, Timber™ is another success story in the making.

For more info, visit Realtree Timber™ microsite.