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Roebuck Hunting in Cornwall

Posted on: 23rd Jan 20 at 12:18 pm by Realtree Global

On this episode, Realtree Global follow Realtree Pro Ian Harford and deer manager Chris Gail in Cornwall, England on a mature six-point roebuck hunt.

Roebuck Deer Hunting in Cornwall:

On a warm summer evening, Realtree Pro Ian Harford joins respected deer manager Chris Gale in Cornwall to seek out a mature six-point roebuck. Wearing Realtree Edge, Ian stealthily hunts field edges perfectly camouflaged using the pattern’s natural elements arranged in a unique way to disrupt the human form at a distance.

Ian Harford in Realtree

With light fading fast, the pair are not hopeful that they will find the type of animal they are looking for. With summer in full swing, the vegetation is tall and lush making it tricky to see deer. A swirling wind also makes it necessary to keep checking the direction their scent is travelling.

Chris’ ground has plenty of roe deer, but they are not able to find any mature males today.

Just as Ian and Chris were about to go home they spot a small buck with thin-looking antlers which the pair decide to cull to remove his poor genetics from the wild deer gene pool. He sits perfectly within the cull plan.

Ian Harford Realtree Global

When inspecting the carcase Chris comments that the buck is unusually small and should really be a third bigger. To encourage six-pointers it is necessary to take out the smaller heads. Satisfied that he has contributed to the cull plan, Ian grallochs the young buck and the pair head back to the larder.

Realtree camo

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