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Self-Guided Hunting Moose and Caribou in Alaska: Episode 10 – Epic Moose Pack Out

Posted on: 24th Jan 19 at 12:00 pm by Realtree Global

A long day awaits the team as they must butcher and pack out their giant Alaskan moose before the evening draws in. With four loads of meat and the rack to carry, Ian Harford and Steve Wild must call upon every ounce of energy and determination if they’re to get the moose back to camp in time for the bush pilot.

Whilst Steve also enjoys the highly rewarding feeling you get from physically carrying out an animal you’ve harvested and butchered, he still thinks it’s a little strange that Ian enjoys this part so much. But for Ian, it is this visceral and emotional connection with the fallen animal that is so important to him. It’s a mark of respect for his quarry and a recognition of its sacrifice so that others may benefit from the harvest.