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Self-guided Moose & Caribou Hunting in Alaska: Episode 2 – Two Magnificent Bulls!

Posted on: 29th Nov 18 at 10:46 am by Realtree Global

It’s day 2 in the Alaskan wilderness and the first official day Ian Harford and Steve Wild can begin their self-guided hunting adventure deep within the Alaskan wilderness. Ian and Steve begin the first day of the hunt by journeying the ridge behind camp and across the plateau beyond. Today is about exploring and trying to find the best vantage point from which to survey the hunting area.

Even though Ian and Steve are experienced hunters, self-guiding is all very new to them and they take their time to figure out the optimum route through the tundra. This is where it helps to have an experienced hunting partner to discuss the various options and formulate a plan.

Once they’re in an elevated position, the entire valley opens up in front of them.