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Self-Guided Moose & Caribou Hunting in Alaska: Episode 8 – The Moose of a Lifetime

Posted on: 10th Jan 19 at 11:46 am by Realtree Global

Ian Harford and Steve Wild have now endured eight days within the Alaskan wilderness. In their pursuit of moose, the team have now relocated deep into moose country and the valleys below show significant signs of activity.

The exertions from packing out the two caribou bulls and moving camp have started to take a toll on Ian and Steve. However, they haven’t let their tired bodies dampen their spirits and are up early ready for another exciting day in the Alaskan wilderness. The weather is spectacular and it is not long before Steve spots a moose in the distance, around 800-900 yards away. They pack up their equipment and move closer towards the bull.