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Self-Guided Moose & Caribou Hunting in Alaska: Episode 9 – Epic Alaskan Bull Moose Hunt

Posted on: 17th Jan 19 at 11:43 am by Realtree Global

While it would be easy to get disheartened after the disappointment of the previous day, Ian Harford and Steve Wild are both experienced hunters and have learned that failure must first come before success. A new day brings with it new challenges – the biggest of which is now time.

It’s imperative that the team focus on getting a bull moose down – after all, the video series now depends on it.  Whilst Ian is supremely confident that they can shift a bull in reasonably short order, they’ve got to get one down first.

Now their attention turns to what is almost certainly the last chance of success. Ian and Steve follow the process that has served us so well over the years, patiently scanning the terrain through the binoculars and spotting scope, searching deep into the vegetation for signs of a bull.