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Squirrel Hunting with an EDGE

Posted on: 4th Apr 19 at 2:26 pm by Realtree Global

Join Realtree Pro Ian Harford in the beautiful Northamptonshire countryside squirrel hunting.

The sun is shinning as Ian arrives early in the morning ready for an exciting day of squirrel hunting. As the weather can often be unpredictable during the winter months, Ian is wearing the Deerhunter Mouflon Long Winter jacket in Realtree Edge, which offers support against the elements if there is a sudden drop in temperature.

After spending several hours in the highseat, Ian hasn’t been able to locate any squirrels nearby. He has spotted a few using the thermal imager, however due to the dense undergrowth when Ian changed to the scope, they had disappeared. This can be slightly frustrating, but it is all part of the experience.

Ian decides to try a different tactic and head out on foot and it isn’t long before Ian to get a clear sight on a squirrel on a nearby pheasant feeder. He readies the Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporter and squeezes the trigger. The shot hits perfectly and the squirrel is ethically dispatched. After that more and more squirrels appear in openings offering Ian more great shots.

With the sunlight fading, Ian decides to call it a day. It has been an incredible day, the weather has been outstanding all day and Ian has been able to successfully remove several squirrels.

It has been a day of great sport in the great countryside, you couldn’t ask for more.