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Wild Boar Hunting in Wiesbaden, Germany

Posted on: 30th May 19 at 10:03 am by Realtree Global

It’s a beautiful calm and still day in Wiesbaden, in the Western Germany state of Hesse. Ian takes up a high seat full of anticipation for the driven wild boar hunt. Although the surrounding forest is a little wet from a recent heavy shower, the grounds are beautiful.

Ian is set up on a peg with a 360-degree view of the surrounding area. High seats are strategically located throughout the hunting area to give hunters the advantage of overlooking woodland clearings, feeding locations, and well-used game trails.

After a great morning, which saw all the guns, organisers and volunteers gather for the briefing, Ian is excited and eager for the hunt to begin.

Wild Boar Management

The management of wild boar in this area helps protect the forests from crop damage and control wild boar numbers from overpopulation. Whilst the forest provides an attractive feeding opportunity for wild boar, it also creates other problems. In Germany, hunters are required to make reparations to farmers for crop damage sustained by the boar, paying a price per hectare for the sporting lease, plus additional ‘damages’ where appropriate.

Wild Boar Hunting Equipment

On this driven wild boar hunt, Ian is equipped with his formidable Sauer 404 in .308 and topped with a Hawke Endurance 1-4×24 scope. Wearing the versatile Deerhunter Muflon jacket in Realtree EDGE, Ian is equipt for anything the weather has in store.

Realtree EDGE is the first camo pattern that allows you to blend into your hunting environment at close range, with natural elements arranged in a way to disrupt the human form at a distance.

Following somewhat an uneventful morning and as the drive reaches the halfway point, the beating team advance on Ian’s peg. Although there has been some animal movement nearby, nothing suitable appeared to take a shot. Yet to see any signs of wild boar, Ian is encouraged by the sound of shots in the distance and ringing throughout the forest. After all, driven hunting requires patience and Ian remains optimistic.

With daylight fading, the hunt comes to an end. Ian re-joins Frederic and his fellow hunters, as everyone gathers to discusses their experiences and pay their respect to the fallen game. Although Ian wasn’t successful, twenty wild boars, four roe does and a fox were harvested from the hunt. Driven hunt days like this require much preparation and planning. A large community of people come together and work tirelessly to put on the best day possible.